Rates & Pricing

Website Copy

Your website is the first impression of your business. It will either turn visitors away or convert them into customers. Let me help you do the latter.  

Starting at $400 per page for up to 1000 words. 

Landing Page Copy

Direct response copy highlights the benefits of a service or product and compels the audience to buy. Let’s get you more sales.

Starting at $500 for up to 1000 words.

Blogs & Articles

Expertly written blogs and articles are a great way to connect with your audience. They build website authority with Google, boost organic traffic, and bring you consistent email opt-ins or sales.  

Starting at $200 for up to 1000 words. 

Email & Newsletter Sequences

Email or newsletter sequences are a great way to build a following and keep your audience updated. I write engaging emails/newsletters that motivate readers to take action.

Starting at $75 per email/newsletter with a minimum sequence of 3. 

Product & Service Descriptions

Don’t have a killer product or service without a killer description. I write amazing descriptions that spell out the benefits and boost sales. 

Starting at $50-150 for 150-300 words. 

Packages, Retainers, & Bundle Pricing

Retainers are a great way to get timely and consistent content on a monthly basis. Let’s create the perfect package for your business at a bundled price!

*To safeguard my time and ability to have an efficient workflow for my clients, I have a project minimum of $150.

**All pricing is an estimate based on averages. Contact me to discuss your project needs for a detailed pricing bid.

Ready to let me help you? I am ready to take on your next project!