About Me

Hi, I’m Christopher.

An educator turned professional copywriter.

Personal Development Copywriter for Self-help

I moved to Austin to pursue my dream of playing and performing music professionally. Searching for work armed with only raw musical talent and a bachelor’s degree in business, I found myself in front of an unexpected audience – middle and high schoolers. 

Two years later I was a certified teacher.

My knack for simplifying difficult subject matter into understandable concepts has been fine-tuned over eleven years of teaching. Realizing the value of this skill both inside and outside the classroom, I contracted with MindEcology, a local advertising agency in Austin.

Hundreds of SEO blogs and articles later, I am now a professional personal development copywriter and content creator for educational, self-help, coaching, and spiritual growth industries.

What I believe

I believe strongly that businesses that foster authentic connections and take social responsibility seriously will become industry leaders in our evolving world.

I also believe great copy goes far beyond a simple sales pitch. It introduces ethical conversations that encourage engagement, compels leadership, and propels industries into mainstream relevance. 

Let’s make a bigger impact on the world

The best teachers realize they are students for life.

Incessantly learning, my favorite topics are; creativity, self-discipline, motivation, the subconscious mind, growth mindsets, philosophy, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality, and more. 

My expertise is my passion. 

It’s a joy to write about education & personal development topics while helping those individuals, coaches, and businesses who devote themselves to empowering the lives of others. 

Together we can reach a larger audience and make a bigger impact.

Do you need help with your next project?